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CORPORATE DISCLOSURE 30/12/2021 (Source from https://ngxgroup.com)

Ellah Lakes Plc.- Quarter 1 - Financial Statement For 2022

Nestle Nigeria Plc. Directors Dealings

Mtn Nigeria Communications Plc-Launch Of Public Offer Of Mtn Nigeria Ordinary Shares

Livingtrust Mortgage Bank Plc Directors Dealings

CORPORATE DISCLOSURE 29/11/2021 (Source from https://ngxgroup.com)

Oando Plc-Oando - Press Release

Seplat Energy Plc-Corporate Announcement - 29 November 2021

Cutix Plc.-Cutix Plc - Resolution Of The Meeting Of Board Of Directors

CORPORATE DISCLOSURE 26/11/2021 (Source from https://ngxgroup.com)

UPDC Reit- Quarter3 Financial Statement for 2021

CORPORATE DISCLOSURE 25/11/2021 (Source from https://ngxgroup.com)

Multiverse Mining And Exploration Plc- Notice Of Annual General Meeting

Prestige Assurance Plc-Notice Of Board Approval Of The Company's Budget For 2022 Financial Year

Livingtrust Mortgage Bank Plc Directors Dealings

What To Expect From The Markets This Week - 120721

Nigeria Economy

The Nigerian senate on Wednesday approved the request of president Muhammad Buhari to take new external loans amounting to n2.34tn to fund the deficit in the n13tn 2021 appropriation act. The proceeds are expected to be used to fund various specific capital projects especially in specific priority sectors of the economy such as power, transportation, agriculture, and rural development, education, health, provision of counterpart funding for multilateral and bilateral projects, defence and water resources. Form Proshare click here to read more

Millennials and future of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

An article by Helen Oji published recently by The Guardian newspaper expressed concern about the future of the Nigerian stock market in the face of waning interest from millennials who are increasingly turning to alternative investment options in micro-finance, fintech, and cryptocurrencies.

Stakeholders are reportedly worried about losing market patronage on the exit of the older generation, who thus far form the largest segment of investors. News from The Guardian click here to read more