We are excited to present the new Intraday Research platform. You can now track your investment every hour within active trading sessions!


Look for the last updated time (WAT - Lagos Time) on all the reasearch apps (snapshot, market & equity view) or click the refresh icon () anywhere you see it to update your data view.


This new data platform also brings you an Intraday look at all the core NSE Indices, including NSE30, NSE50, NSEBNK, NSECNSMRGDS, NSEINDUSTR, NSEINS, NSELOTUSISLM & NSEOILGAS.

  • Click the Reasearch tab to load the full market view app
  • The market view loads by default to ASI, use the drop down at the top of the page to switch indices

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Our Services


We carry out the above on behalf of our clients for:

  • Unquoted Company shares
  • Quoted Company stocks and shares
  • Federal, State and Local Government stocks, bonds and Treasury bills.

All these we carry out with an utmost sense of efficiency and professionalism. The cost of carrying out the above for clients are statutorily determined. We also serve as government stockbrokers by assisting desirous members of the public and institutional investors to purchase gilt-edged securities - Treasury Bills.


Our responsibilities, as the financial advisers and Broker/Dealer will be to ensure that:

  • The transaction is effectively and efficiently managed in relation with The Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • We would also ensure that an accurate image of all parties to the transaction continues to be projected to the shareholders,
  • We would also recommend an appropriate instrument or a mix of instruments required to achieve the set objectives of the issuer
  • In order to achieve the above, we would also advise on the volume and timing of the Offer
  • We would also be in a position to recommend an optimal Offer price using the appropriate pricing methods
  • Discounted Cash flow
  • Maintainable Earnings
  • Net Asset Basis for valuation in conjunction with an Issuing House

We would also be involved in the marketing of the Offer to ensure its success from the advantages inherent in a wide market coverage. We have successfully acted as a joint Stockbrokers to Diamond Bank Plc, Fidelity Bank Plc & Citizens Bank Plc.


One of the most important services we render to our clients include portfolio management for our select clients both individuals and corporate bodies. The investment objectives are clearly spelt out ab initio. We ensure that the clients' objectives are achieved as far as possible with a view to growing their assets as well as creating value for them. The Research and Marketing unit of our organisation is also responsible for the for the dissemination of stock market news as well as analysing selected stocks on a monthly basis. We also render to our esteemed customers through our website, the following:

  • A general review of the stock market
  • Analysis of price movement for the month including trends and ratio analysis
  • Up-to-date information on quoted company news and performance indicators
  • Guidelines on what stocks to watch out for


Retirement Income planning for clients

We realize at Valmon that decisions on how to live a good life after retirement are very imperative and as such we offer financial advisory services to clients on the various options of investment in order to achieve their investment objectives and live a stress free retirement life. We have conducted financial planning courses for the civil service of Ekiti and Ogun State Governments to equip them with financial knowledge preparatory to retirement.

Nominal Transfer of shares

We equally help to handle the transfer of shares from our clients to their depedant relatives or in the event of death, the process of transmission of the shares are also embarked upon to ensure that the beneficiaries are adequately and well taken care of.